Jonathan Adler Spring 2016 Catalog Page 21

CHARADE COLLECTION Unglazed porcelain in graphic silhouettes. Studded Taper Vase $88 Studded Vase $195 Square Studded Box $175 GL ASS MENAGERIE COLLECTION Pools of recycled glass melt in hollowed, pared-down forms. Baboon $198 Horse $98 UTOPIA COLLECTION Crafted in Peru from brown stoneware, which peeks through the sheer white glaze. Large Man/Woman Vase $595 Boy/Girl Bud Vase $28 Sailor/Mermaid Vase $495 FUTURA COLLECTION High-fired porcelain adorned with 24-karat gold luster. Circles Vase $325 Bullseye Vase $150 Greek Borders Vase $325 MENAGERIE COLLECTION High-fired stoneware crafted in Peru with a satin matte glaze. Deer Midnight $98 Perched Bird White $98 L ANTERN COLLECTION Ceramic skin stretched over an invisible armature, like a Japanese lantern. Belly Vase Gold, Platinum $228 Giant Belly Vase White $495 Bulb Vase $118 FU T U RA CO LLE C TI ON

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