Jonathan Adler Spring 2016 Catalog Page 3

M O D E R N A M E R I C A N G L A M O U R I've always said there are no rules when it comes to decorating, but it's a lie. There is one rule, our golden rule, the rule that governs everything we do: Never settle for anything less than the sublime. We've created all the elements you need to surround yourself with memorable, meaningful design. Our Spring catalog is packed with over 200 new products, from the elegantly futuristic Globo Table Lamp to the organically graceful Antibes Lounge Chair to the chicly Chinoise Peking Tables. Furniture, lighting, pillows, pots, rugs, and more-everything you need to follow our one rule. Find inspiration. Seek the sublime. Dive in to the deep end of Modern American Glamour.

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